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March 2009


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Great post! I had a similar fascination with Falcon Crest and Santa Barbara from ages 8-10. Watching vaguely-scandalous soaps with absurd plot lines (which, of course, took several years to draw out) was a nice break from reading VC Andrews books. While there were more evil twins, there was decidedly less incest.

ETA: When I wiki'ed Santa Barbara to revisit, I found out that Santa Barbara aired in Germany as California Clan. Awesome.


Watching her wriggling at the end A Proposition For You is incredible. What a ham!

Also I remember all of this shit. My mind thought that I only watched Days during 1997. But I'm realizing that that was when I was watching it supposedly-ironically, versus when I actually just plain starting watched it back in the Summer of 1993.


I was sucked into to Days at age 8 by Kimberly pretending to be blind. Would she ever escape from Victor and would people find out she was faking it? So enthralling!


I, for one, am never going to forget when they boiled Hope alive in fat or whatever.


Great post. I loved Days in the early nineties, but I also watched a fair amount in 2004 during the whole Captive Island stuff. I think Lost totally ripped off James E. Reilly.


Just learned that my coworker was seriously named after a character on Days. This is insane.


Also I just realized that the only thing I don't like about Days is that it inflicted Lisa Rinna on the world.

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