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February 2009


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Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell are both people whose careers never quite reached the heights that their talent promised. That they are both now finding their much deserved success is satisfying. I would never have guessed that signing on for a show on USA would be a career move. But then, I would never have guessed that USA would come up with a show as fun and as addictive as Burn Notice.


Oh! She played Sonora in WHCBB? Awesome. I loved that movie for Sonora's character as much as for the fact that Jake Ryan (real name unspellable) played the love interest, so that's saying something.

Also, is Burn Notice good? We liked the pilot, but haven't kept up.



It's good. Solid popcorn fare. Not in the Michael Bay "As long as it's loud and has boobs, the script can be utterly awful way." More like it's completely light and committed to being fun.


I like watching Brandon's cheek cut heal in that scene.
Also Anwar could stand to remember how cool burritos are again. She's looking a bit drawn.


I remember her only from beverly hills ( http://rapid4me.com/?q=beverly+hills+90210 ), perhaps, she is also good in other movies.

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